What does an Electrical Engineer do

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You have probably already heard that the future of energy is in the hands of young people, and in fact we firmly believe in it, but to think that “the future” is in your hands can be a lot of responsibility if you do not relate it to your own future …


Let’s start by recapitulating. Engineering is a field of study as old as the need of the human being to find solutions to make his life more efficient. But when and why did its application to energy and electricity arise? Since the 19th century, and with the need to name and specialize a work area that we now know as Electrical Engineering. Here are some best engineers you can check it out https://electrician-bristol.co.uk


This field of study is quite broad. Starting with Electronic Engineering, which is responsible for the design, construction and application of electronic devices for virtually any sector or industry. Specifically, Electrical Engineering is also responsible for the design, construction and application, but adding the transformation and transportation of electricity itself. A very broad and useful field for the life of the human being.

According to the research (I could only find US research) more than 108 thousand Electrical Engineers, which represented in 2016 only 1% of the country’s professionals. In other words, a field with little competition and many job opportunities. But what exactly does an Electrical Engineer do?


Do you remember that at the beginning we talked about the future? Well, one of the main contributions that electrical engineering has in society is to innovar3, that is, the integration of new technologies capable of improving current industrial processes, in order to generate clean energy and in favor of the environment.


On this issue, of the generation of clean energy, the future of this field of study looks very promising. And is that with oil reserves increasingly complex to reach (and more expensive to make them productive) sustainable energies such as wind, photovoltaic or geothermal, are being positioned as a profitable option for any company. Even more so for those who turn to a Socially Responsible Company seal.


The Electrical Engineers who dominate the design, construction, operation and maintenance of these increasingly used systems, even to reduce costs, will be those who position themselves at the forefront of that discipline.


On the other hand, it is also worth mentioning that this Engineering has a multidisciplinary approach, within which it is possible to expand its importance with high impact projects for the benefit of society (and with great financing opportunities).


An electrical engineer is not only responsible for electrical installations, but also remains one of the main supports for the operation of any other engineering. As you see, it is a large area of work because it goes hand in hand with the global technological growth and advances together with humanity (and its history).