Sam the Sudden

pgwstsSpike Murphy — a champion high-kicker.

Samuel Pynsent Shotter (“Sam the Sudden”) — an old Wrykynian, also an orphan.

John B Pynsent — his maternal uncle;  an American millionaire, founder and owner of the John B Pynsent Import and Export Company.

Mr Ellaby — considers Sam’s work to be a disgrace to the firm.

Clarence “Hash” Todhunter — cook on the tramp steamer Araminta.

Anthony Shotter — Sam’s deceased father, an Englishman.

Matthew Wrenn — editor of Pyke’s Home Companion and owner of San Rafael, a semi-detached residence in Valley Fields.

Kay Derrick — his orphaned niece; nbsp; lives with Matthew Wrenn when not working as secretary / companion to . . .

Mrs Winnington-Bates, of Thurloe Square, South Kensington.

Claude Winnington-Bates — her son, an old Wrykynian, also a worm.

Tresidder — his friend, another old Wrykynian.

Colonel Derrick — Kay’s deceased father, late of Midways Hall, Wilts.

J Willoughby Braddock — Kay’s childhood friend, he shared a study with Sam at Wrykyn School.

Aunt Julia — his aunt, “an unattached female”.

Sleddon — his butler.

Mrs Martha Lippett — formerly Willoughby’s nanny, now his housekeeper and a millstone round his neck.

Claire Lippett — her daughter;   Matthew Wrenn’s cook / housemaid.

Evans — a cabman and, to his credit, not an old Wrykynian.

Mr Cornelius — of the Valley Fields firm of Matters & Cornelius, House Agents;   an amateur historian.

Lord Tilbury (formerly George Pyke) — owner of the Mammoth Publishing Corporation and Sam’s employer in London.

Mrs Frances Hammond — his sister

Cordelia Blair — author of “Hearts Aflame”, the current serial in Pyke’s Home Companion.

Alexander “Chimp” Twist (alias J Sheringham Adair) — petty criminal, owner and sole employee of the Tilbury Detective Agency, “large and efficient staff”.

Dora (“Fainting Dolly”) Molloy (née Gunn) — an accomplished pick-pocket and shop-lifter, recently married to . . .

“Soapy” Molloy — an American confidence trickster and sometime business partner of Chimp Twist.

Edward Finglass — bank robber, former occupant of Mon Repos and friend of Chimp Twist and Soapy Molloy;   has recently died in Buenos Aires.

Thomas G Gunn — the alias adopted by Soapy Molloy, after Dolly had rejected his first choice, J Felkin Haggenbakker.

Amy — a large and friendly canine cocktail, formerly something of a popular pet at the Blue Anchor public-house in Tulse Hill.

A kitten that has sought refuge up an elm tree.

Louise G Boffin — author of “Celia’s Airman”, a short story soon to appear in Pyke’s Home Companion.

George Turner — a cousin of Hash Todhunter’s, he broke two ribs while “pruning the ellums on a gentleman’s place down Chigwell way”.

Percy Pilbeam — a “human ferret”;  editor of Society Spice, a Mammoth publication

A policeman who is selling tickets for a concert in aid of a charitibulorganisation.

Rev Aubrey Jerningham — newly-arrived vicar in Valley Fields;  author of “Is there a Hell?

Mr Walkinshaw, of Balmoral, Acacia Road — his dog, failing to recognise him in a new suit, chased him on to the roof of the summer-house.

Mr Edwin Phillimore, occupant of the Firs, at the corner of Buller Street and Myrtle Avenue, was bitten by a guinea-pig.

Mrs Bellamy-North, of Beau Rivage, Burberry Road, hosted a garden party at which Edward Finglass appeared and spoke a few words.

Dwight Blenkiron, of Chicago, Illinois, who came into about twenty million dollars when his father died, married Genevieve Poskitt, who had about double that in her own right.

Characters who speak (or otherwise play an active part) are shown in bold; characters who are merely mentioned or who play no significant part in the story are shown thus. Unnamed characters (eg a maid, a porter) are not listed unless they have a role in the plot. Real-life persons are not listed.