Sam the Sudden – Scenes

Wilmot Building, Upper Broadway, New York — houses the offices of the John B Pynsent Export and Import Company

Valley Fields — a London suburb in the SE 21 postal district

San Rafael, Burberry Road, Valley Fields — Matthew Wrenn’s semi-detached residence.

Mon Repos — the adjoining property, presently unoccupied and available for letting.

The steps of The Angry Cheese, Panton Street — the newest of London’s night-clubs.

coffee-stall in Lupus Street, Pimlico.

Ogilvy Street, Valley Fields — home to the premises of Matters & Cornelius, House Agents.

Tilbury House, Fleet Street — headquarters of the Mammoth Publishing Company

Tilbury Street, off Fleet Street — The Tilbury Detective Agency Ltd occupies the fourth floor of the ramshackle building that faces Tilbury House across Tilbury Street.

John Street, Mayfair — location of Willoughby Braddock’s London home

The Savoy grill-room

Lyons tea shop, Green Street, Leicester Square

Those locations where any conversation or action takes place are shown in bold; locations that are merely mentioned or in which no action takes place are shown thus. Neither unnamed locations (eg an unnamed street) nor real-life locations are listed unless significant action takes place.