Is education too expensive in 2019?

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This completely depends on where you are from.

If you are from Asia then it is yes. Do you know that in India you have to pay 100,000 rupees (1470 $) for first class? This is expensive relative to wages in India.

Let’s talk about the USA. If you get a university scholarship it is fine, but if you don’t then it is going to be very expensive. (not many people get a¬†scholarship)

In Germany, where education is free for most people, they believe it should always be kept free as it’s a great way to raise a society wealth, health and general well-being overall.

However, No wonder many people are deciding to build a career or side hustle says James who started a side hustle into a full time passion making rebelcords or in Germany known as Handykette

Not only in these countries, but education has also become a business in every country.

It has become very expensive that a middle-class person or an average earning person is not able to afford a good education for his kids.

Education is something where no one should be compromised. Quality education has definitely become expensive. Especially the school education has become so expensive over the last 10 years, the graph had a constant surge.

The reasons for the sudden surge are of them is the inclusion of technology. We don’t say that it is wrong. Adding digital education has made the fees touch the sky.

Digital screens in the classroom, education through slides and screens everywhere be it lab or even the study rooms, this increases the budget of the education every year and the burden is laid on the common man.

The tuition fees have become expensive, this has a high share on overall yearly fees. The new trend of the brand in schools. Most of the parents are ready to send their children to schools which are a branded one in the market.

So to attain this position schools are spending a lot of money on advertising, marketing about their self that they even go to the verge of sponsoring high-class events, just so to get their name noted by people. This cost is added to fees itself. Parents expect the educational institutions to be vast than required, huge grounds and buildings which are more than enough are constructed to meet the expectations and the cost are levied on the fees.

They are taken as a status symbol. Along with this the huge fancy approach towards sports, this is an additional factor of education becoming expensive.

We don’t say that you shouldn’t participate in sports, but the high expensive coaching which is too much for that age is given to the children, this hikes the cost of education.

Then comes these educational trips. There will be mostly nothing down in these trips except children taken to some other state or country to take time around, what we want to say is that for that age, these trips aren’t essential.

As all these factors put high pressure on fees to be paid education has become expensive and is becoming expensive day by day.

We aren’t saying that digital classrooms, sports, trips, huge campus areas aren’t needed. All we are trying to say is they should be in moderation so even a common man can afford education for his children without it being a burden on the family.