A Damsel in Distress – Scenes

Belpher Castle, in the county of Hampshire — home of the Marshmoreton family since the fifteenth century.

The Regal Theatre, on Shaftesbury Avenue, scene of George Bevan’s latest musical success.

Piccadilly, London, where the buildings retain an air of not having had a bath since the days of the Tudors, and where, amidst a seething welter of happy couples. it is still possible to be alone.

The Carlton hotel, outside which Percy behaves recklessly.

Vine Street police station, where Percy spends an infernal night in a cell.

The Piccadilly Grill-room, where George learns something to his advantage.

Bow Street Police Court, where Percy hears remarks to his disadvantage.

The Marshmoreton Arms, Belpher — “a comfortable, respectable hostelry, catering for the village plutocrats”.

The Blue Boar — Belpher’s other inn, “where the lower strata of Belpher society gather of a night to quench their thirst”.

A cottage in Belpher, “the one down by Platt’s”; George’s forward base for his planned assault on Belpher Castle.

Belpher links — the local golf course.

A disused barn, in which Maud is infuriated and George suffers a disappointment.

The Regent Grill-Room — scene of a wedding breakfast and an assignation.

Ye Cosy Nooke — a tea-shop in Bond Street; scene of a dramatic encounter.

Those locations where any conversation or action takes place are shown in bold; locations that are merely mentioned or in which no action takes place are shown thus. Neither unnamed locations (eg an unnamed street) nor real-life locations are listed unless significant action takes place.